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Can someone under the age of 16 attend the event if they are accompanied by an adult?

While we are thrilled that people of all ages are interested in attending our event, some of the materials and topics of conversation that will be discussed during the show may not be suitable or appropriate for guests under the age of 16.  In order to ensure that everybody has a positive experience, we strongly encourage this age minimum.  If you would still like to attend the event and are under the age of 16 years old, you MUST be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and show proof of relationship upon arrival. 


How do I show proof of requirements for the event?

The day of the event, please bring the following items with you. 



            - 1 form of picture identification card with name and date of birth

            - Proof of concert ticket to Demi Lovato’s show that evening.

            - If you are attending the event with somebody under the age of 16, proof of guardianship will need to be presented.*


I want to volunteer.  How do I sign up and what can I expect to do?

When registering for the Cast On Tour event, there is a section at the bottom that asks if you would like to volunteer.  If you choose ‘Yes’ your name will be registered.  The number of volunteers needed will vary from city to city.  Volunteering consist of helping set up and organize the CAST on Tour event at the city you have chosen.  If you are chosen to be a volunteer, we will personally reach out to you as the day of event approaches.


How does the seating arrangement work for the CAST on Tour event?

Seating for the event is general admission.  Guests will be seated in a first come first serve basis. However, if you are not in the front row, do not worry.  We will make sure your experience is amazing no matter where your seat is!


Will I be able to meet Demi at the CAST on Tour?

Unfortunately, this is not a meet and greet with Demi. This is an intimate event with a special guest speaker and the CAST on Tour Team.


I have tickets to the Meet and Greet with Demi.  Will this conflict with the CAST event?

Meet and greets usually do not interfere with CAST on Tour. Meet and greets generally take place before our event. The only problem you may run into is not having a front row seat, as our event is all general admission seating…but don’t worry, we will make sure your experience is amazing no matter where your seat is!


Can I go to more than one Cast on Tour event?

Yes! We would be thrilled to have you at as many events as we can.  As long as you have a ticket to the concert that evening, you are able to register to come to our event! Please note, you must register separately for EACH city you would like to attend.


If I have registered for CAST on Tour, can I bring a plus one with me?

We would love for you to experience this event with your friend/partner/family member. However, each person that would like to attend the CAST on Tour MUST register on our website ( individually and meet the requirements. Your registration is only good for one person to be admitted to the event. Please make sure all members of your party who are interested in attending, register themselves on our website.


Can I sign up to be a guest speaker at one of the CAST on Tour events?

Unfortunately we already have speakers lined up for CAST on Tour, but we are still looking for local charities to support in each city. If you have any recommendations we would to hear about them.  If you have a local non profit/foundation in your city that you think we should support, please nominate them at